Our Story


Founded: 2014

Owner: Jonathan Strange


At the age of 15 Jonathan decided to turn some advanced mobile repair skills he had picked up on, into a fully operating business: Central Alabama iPhone Repair. In 2014, Jonathan had his first iPhone repair, and by 2015 he was fixing multiple phones per-day! Jonathan eventually changed the name of his company to XiRepair to "better express the company's services." Now, this young business man has made quite a name for himself, and continues to run XiRepair with much success. 

What they say about us...

Your device is important to us! 


At XiRepair, we care about your mobile device, and use the best equipment possible to diagnose and fix all your problems. We know that you rely on your electronic devices for everything from keeping tabs on the kids, to scheduling business meetings. So we make it our top priority to repair your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Computer, or whatever other device you need repaired as soon as possible. Whether you need a new battery or an entire screen replacement, our XiRepair specialists will assist you in every way. We never cut corners and always do what's best for you and your cellular device. You can trust that XiRepair will take care of you and your iPhone or electronic device.


XiRepair in the Press:

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"Fast and Reliable", "Trustworthy", "Professional", and  "Incredibly Nice."

​                    ...At least thats what our customers are saying.

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